The mountain leaders: rural women are

Wherever you go, whatever you produce, whatever you believe in, Women of the mountains are determined to lead their societies for survival.

Rural Women

When you reach the edge of the road leading to the Bekaa Plain, you lay over the road looking for a place to grab a coffee. Turning around would lead you to Angèle. Angèle knows everything, Angèle cooks very well. Angele can help you.

With its 60 years of hardship, well drawn on her wrinkled face, Angele welcomes you in her own territory surrounded by mountains of boxes where the smell of the apricot jam takes you to the other rooms. A strong determined and smiling woman thriving to achieve in her community.

Being a woman of Education in a rural society, having decided to invest in her community and teach others how to become productive, Angele has invested in herself and her skills to build a woman based legacy for her community and her friends.

Transforming cooking from a daily burden to a source of economic return is what makes Angele a leader of the community. Having mastered the kebbeh, the Harissa and the tabbouleh, she is the reference in organizing events at the village.

Angele contributed to sharing her experience and know how with other women in the world, teaching them the art of cooking and preserving fresh products. she contributed to creating and redesigning leaders of her own image in every rural village she visited.

There are thousands of Angèle

Our Mountains are flourishing and sustained because of thousands Angèle. Every women serving her family, every women helping her family in the field, every women preparing food for her family, every woman contributing to the welfare of her community is a successful version of Angèle.

In every rural family a new Angèle rises, keeping the family warm, helping everyone get along with life issues and surviving the mountains. overcoming the strong weather, the hard conditions and the traditions and cultures.

Leaders are not made, they are born leaders and every single woman is a genetically designed leader but a rural woman in the mountains is an even greater version of leaders.

A tribute to every Angele, a tribute to every rural woman leading her fellows to creating empowered versions of community members.


Patricia Sfeir (Seeds-Int)
Patricia Sfeir (Seeds-Int)

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