Revitalising plans for Vlkolinec – Slovakia

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The CS in a nutshell:

The locality UNESCO Vlkolinec, since 1977, has a high level of conservation of its cultural and natural heritage. Reconstruction of the characteristic landscape features and historic landscape structures in the buffer zone, through the revival of traditional farming means in the landscape can create conditions for new green jobs, improving local economy and quality of life for local inhabitants by initiating the approval of incentive measures for local farmers and entrepreneurs. The buffer zone of the Vlkolinec site, with its preserved landscape structures, has a large and untapped potential for visitors to the site, for the expansion of agro- and ecotourism activities. Additionally it could also become a so-called “a laboratory” for elementary and secondary school pupils of the Liptov region and for students of the Catholic University in Ruzomberok (as well as other universities), and a place of regular, practically oriented workshops, summer schools and experiential educational activities.

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On the area:

Locality Vlkolinec is a part of Ruzomberok City, and It is located in south of the city center, surrounded on all sides by mountains. Vlkolinec lies at an altitude of 718 m, 7 km away from the city center without a direct link to the city itself. The locality’s isolation has contributed to the fact that Vlkolinec has kept the historical character of a small rural settlement. Vlkolinec is connected to the nearest city part of Biely Potok by a steep local road and regular public transport is only available in the summer months. Several hiking trails and a marked cycling route pass through Vlkolinec. These specific local conditions and isolation have influenced the demographic decrement of people with permanent residence (being 166 in 1970, 32 in 1991, and 34 in 2001). Currently Vlkolinec has only 21 people with permanent residence. On the other hand, the isolated location of the settlement contributed the preservation of the unique historical cultural and natural heritage, attracting more than 70,000 visitors per year, with its significance extending beyond Slovakia.

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vikolinec-3View on wooden houses in Vlkolínec, on the right is a historic bell tower built in 1770. © F. Petrovič, 2017

News and events:
EVENTSMarch 27th 2018: Focus group with local stakeholders
(In Slovak)
February 15th 2018: The project coordinators of the Horizon 2020 SIMRA project, which is an associated member of the KF KU in Ruzomberok, discussed in the Italian town of Bolzano
(In Slovak)
October 4th 2017: European Congress of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) 2017(In Slovak)