Supporting the socio-entrepreneurial potential of local young people

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Relevant stakeholders of the IA:
Local Action Group Prealpi e Dolomiti

The IA in a nutshell:
The social Innovation Action in Italy aims to support the sustainable socio-entrepreneurial potential of local young people in ValBelluna (Province of Belluno, in Northeastern Italy). Activities such as sustainable organic agriculture or short value chains, community tourism and social inclusion provide the ground for developing territorial and multi-sectoral opportunities more focused on human capabilities and relationships.

Addressing the challenge of unemployment and outmigration requires indeed policies and integrated approaches, including a new cultural dimension and support for youth-led innovative entrepreneurial ideas in the cultural, social and environmental sectors, as well as a better environment for emerging startups.

The social innovation action (IA) aims to create new local networks, develop the entrepreneurial potential of local young people (through a rural hackaton), and financially support the start-up and initial training of one selected social innovation initiative.

The social innovation was proposed by Local Action Group (LAG) Dolomiti e Prealpi, the University of Padova and Etifor.

More information is available here.

About the area:
Valbelluna is located in the Province of Belluno, in the Veneto Region, in northeastern Italy. It has a population of 142,803 inhabitants, which represents 2.9% of the population of the Region. It has a density of 106.2 inhabitants per km2 and covers a surface of 1,344.1 km2. It includes 23 municipalities and of these, Belluno is the capital of the province. The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is part of the Dolomites World Heritage site. Over three quarters of the population reside along the Piave river. The major towns are Belluno, Feltre and Sedico. These areas have witnessed a population growth of 4.57% over a ten-year period (2001-2011) while the areas located in the mid to high elevation mountain areas have witnessed a population loss of -3.51% (LAG Prealpi e Dolomiti, Local Development Strategy, 2016).

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siparte_evento01_img1Official launch of the IA. © ETIFOR

EVENTSNews and events:

January 21 st 2018 – “Corriere delle Alpi. ‘Giovani in rete per una startup ambientale'”

May 5th 2018  – IA official launch and related news item (Corriere delle Alpi: “Si parte”, un progetto per creare giovani imprese)

May 5th 2018  –  Video of the opening event: Matteo Aguanno and Laura Secco

May 5th 2018  –Presentations from the opening event

May 5th 2018  – Video of young entrepreneurs during the study visits and explaining why they are participating: Alessandro Caviola,  Danila Attene.  Credits@Nicola Maccagnan

May 8th 2018 – IA official launch and related news item (Corriere delle Alpi: “Si parte”, un progetto per creare giovani imprese)

July 2018 – LAG news item: SIPARTE project continues [in Italian]

October 5th 2018  – L’Amico del Popolo (provincial level): Premiata con 8mila euro idea imprenditoriale di 4 giovani bellunesi [in Italian]

October 5th 2018  – Gazzettino (provincial level):  Acquirenti e venditori di terreni uniti in rete [in Italian]

Septembre 19th 2019  – Video of local workshop. Credits@Nicola Maccagnan