D2.1 -Classification of SI for MRAs in the target region

   D2.2 -Transdisciplinary understanding of SI in MRA.

   D3.1 -Categorisation of Marginalised Rural Areas (MRA)

   D3.2 -Creation of interactive database of SI examples

   D3.3 -Selection of SI case studies and policy processes

   D4.1 -Identify and Analyse Existing Methods to Assess Social Innovation and Impacts

   D4.2 -Set of methods to assess SI implications at different levels instructions for WPs 5 and 6

  D5.1 Case Study Protocols and Final Synthetic Description for Each Case Study

  D5.2 -Training Material for Data Collection at Case Study Level

   D6.1 -Political Framework Conditions, Policies and Instruments for Social Innovations in Rural Areas

   R3.1 -Final Selection of Case Studies