Land banking for wildfire prevention in Olba, Teruel (Spain): “X 1 Mijares + guay”


IA implementer: EFI

Relevant stakeholders: Olba council, Mijares Vivo association, Local irrigation community

The IA in a nutshell:

The IA in Gúdar-Javalambre (Teruel) is focused in fostering the development of a land banking initiative aiming at reverting the abandonment of agricultural and forestry parcels with a specific emphasis on wildfire prevention and revival of traditional varieties. The first embryo of this IA is being currently developed in the municipality of Olba. The establishment of this IA will help improving the social and landscape resilience to wildfire risk, and sustaining the rural economy via the production of local agricultural products. EFI’s role is of coaching, facilitation of the feasibility analysis and support in the initial implementation, whereas local actors lead this initiative.

More information is available here.

About the area:

Gúdar-Javalambre is the southernmost county of Aragón, considered one of the hotspots of biodiversity in the Mediterranean, but simultaneously also one of the most depopulated areas in Spain. With 8,328 inhabitants in its 2,352 km2, it belongs to the so-called “triangle of desert”. Yet, it constitutes the hub for the black truffle production and trade, given its continental climate and predominantly calcareous soil. Its landscape covers a mosaic of pine and evergreen oak forests, agroforestry, cereal crops and pastures. Tourism mainly arrives from the nearby region of Valencia, being in summer for rural holidays (including hiking trails or adventure sports), being in winter for the two ski resorts. The region of Gúdar-Javalambre is particularly famous for its Teruel ham and its veal and pork.

More information is available here.

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EVENTSNews and events:

July 19th 2017 – A radio interview in OndaCero Aragón (from minute 44)

July 28th 2017 –  Heraldo de Aragón (regional level): Olba promueve la recuperación de cultivos en tierras yermas para evitar incendios

July 18th 2017 – Diario de Teruel (provincial level): Olba promueve la custodia del territorio para prevenir los incendios forestales 

April 20th 2017 – Diario de Teruel. ‘Apadrina un olivo’ y el banco de tierras, experiencias a debate en Mora de Rubielos

April 1st 2017 – Local workshop “Guardianes del Territorio. Innovación social en el medio rural”