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The CS in a nutshell:

The case study aims to study the foundation of the Forum Nazionale Agricoltura Sociale (FNAS) and some relevant activities performed to consolidate the network at the national, regional and recently European levels. The National Forum of Social Agriculture was born in 2011 when all the members signed the Charter of principles.

The Forum´s main activity relates to the establishment of a dialogue space between different sectors and actors that used to work independently. These are on the one side farms and other organizations operating in the agriculture sector and on the other side social assistance services, aiming at social care of disadvantaged people.

The Forum intends to be a community of practices, promoting a model of social agriculture that focuses on the self-realization of the individuals, through the promotion of the added value of the products of the actors involved in social agriculture practices.

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Structure on the territory

The National Forum for Social Agriculture has its head office in Grottaferrata, in the surrounding countryside of Rome, Italy. It is founded with the aim to represent and promote the values and principles of Social Farming both in Italy and Europe. From the beginning they decided to be more representative of the territory with the constitution of the Regional Forum in different regions of Italy: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Marche, Umbria, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata.

The Forum has a very light organic structure: a national board and regional boards, whose representatives sit also in the national board. The Forum has a national spokesperson, assisted by the members of the national board and the representatives of the Regional Forum.

Members of the Forum are farms, social cooperatives, host communities, associations of families, experts, academia and people from the non-profit and social-health sector. These actors operate in rural, peripheral , peri-urban and inner areas of Italy.

timemap-italyStoryline of the Forum © Eurac Research

people-italyThe members of the Forum visiting the Comunità progetto Sud, their associated. © FNAS

News and upcoming events:
EVENTS9-11th January 2018 – EuroMed Agrisocial Forum in Bruxelles.

5th April 2018 – Focus group with organization stakeholders

17-18th June 2018 – Annual celebration of social agriculture at Tenuta Mistica (Roma)