Database: Social innovations in marginalised rural areas

SIMRA is gathering examples of Social Innovations in agriculture, forestry and rural development in MRAs in the target region. The database below describes in brief selected examples, showing the diversity of SIs and some of their key characteristics. The database will be updated regularly with new examples during the project. If you know about any SI that you think should be included in our database, please complete the questionnaire that you will find here and the SIMRA team will review it.

This database is work-in-progress and will be progressively updated


  Eastern Europe
  Non EU - Medit
  Northern Europe
  Outermost regions
  Southern Europe
  Western Europe


  Access to land
  Artistic Creation / Craftworks
  Broadband / ICT
  Childhood / Youth
  Commons / Cooperatives
  Community Agriculture
  Empowerment of women
  Environment Conservation
  Fire Prevention
  Fishery / Aquaculture
  Forest Management
  Livestock / Pastoralism
  Local Development
  Local Food
  Migrants Integration
  Provision of services
  Social Farming
  Sustainable / Organic Agriculture
  Vulnerable population
  Waste / Recycling
  Water Management


  Rural Development

Udny Community Trust Community Wind Turbine
Land Sharing for food and social good
Apadrina un Olivo (Adopt an olive tree)
Local Food for Local People
Integra Todos - Costurizate
Adotta un terrazzamento
Tiree Film Club
Dagnja(Veteran fishery cooperative (Braniteljsko ribarska zadruga)
Projecto Querença
Cooperative Biopenyagolosa
Baba Residence
Libera Terra
Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil
Integrated Ecosystemic value-enhancement of the Guadeloupe Forest Agrobiodiversity (VALAB)
Learning-growing-living with women farmers
Carbon smart forestry
Gela Ochsenherz
HAWARU Hof-Solidarische Landwirtschaft
Terres de Liens
Les Centrales Villageoises
MY Place Midleton
Pro Ratatouille Project
Carbon smart forestry in self-organized forest commons regime
Revitalising plans for UNESCO Vlkolinec site
Biohof Mogg (Community Supported Agriculture)
Heat Smart Orkney
ACCESS: Assisting Communities to Connect to Electric Sustainable Sources
Forum Nazionale Agricoltura Sociale
Braemar Community Hydro
Braemar social care project
Laggan Forest Trust
NEL (Netzwerk Existenzgründung in der Landwirtschaft)
Diffused hotel of Pentedattilo
Community woodland Llais y Goedwig
Montagne Firoentine Model Forest (FMMF)
Birnam Arts Centre
Blue Bees
Skylark Foundation
Participatory Guarantee Systems
Hortas Sociais do Bispo - Social Agriculture @ESAC
Korenika - organic social farm
Consortium of social cooperatives NCO (Nuova Cooperazione Organizzata)
A box of sea
Mosaico project
Burrenbeo Trust
Terraviva: economic and environmental restoration of terraced landscapes in Antrona Valley
Artel 13: Encouraging local agricultural produce and local services consumption through revitalizing old houses in a depopulated rural mountain area
Sopotniki (cotravellers)
LAMO - New ideas for marginal mountain areas. Participation labs of students and communities
Oglarska dežela - Charcoal Land Initiative
ARDAC - Assisting Reforestation and forest Development Activities in partnership with local Communities