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As a result of the structural change in agriculture and failed tourism investments, the trade and crafts association and all communes of the valley Lumnezia started to work together in 1986. The decision was taken to pursue a focus on agriculture and tourism (a decision against the prevailing tendencies). Out of that process, the association Pro Val Lumnezia was founded in 1989 with the aim to initiate and coordinate a comprehensive and sustainable development in the valley. Therefore, a regional office of coordination and assistance was created. The support provided consists of consultancy; development of contacts to public authorities, experts and media as well as providing financing. Pro Val Lumnezia realised in close collaboration with local working groups over 60 projects from 5’000 up to 1 m Euro (1.2 m CHF). Most of the projects aim to increase local added value and to generate workplaces.

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About the area:
The valley of Lumnezia lies in the Surselva Region in the Swiss canton of Grisons. The valley belongs to the Romansh culture area and its official language is Romansh Sursilvan. The valley is strongly characterized by agriculture and lies apart from the known touristic resort like Flims-Laax-Falera or Obersaxen. Since the fusion of eight municipalities in 2013 the valley contains only one municipality, Lumnezia. The new municipality is 165 km2 large. About 44.8% of the area is used for agricultural purposes (mainly organic farming), 21.7% is forested and 32.0% is unproductive land. Only 1.4% is settled (buildings or roads). In 2017, 2068 people lived in the commune, with a population density of about 12 inhabitants/km2. The valley of Lumnezia is a poorly accessible, peripheral high mountain valley with difficulties in economic development, which is intimately connected with an increasing emigration. In terms of accessibility by local road transport, villages are connected to major city (Chur) by roads but the travel time is high making the accessibility very low. The accessibility becomes during wintertime, due to the snow, even lower. Public transportation is available, but at lower level compared to other regions in Switzerland.

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