A better future – The strive of every women in rural areas

Jana Al Ayadi, a cooperative of rural women, moving from traditional to modern production, introducing the way for a healthier, natural food. It only takes special people to cook, unique women to innovate.

Rural women, inherited courage, perseverance, resilience and power to fight the weather, the community, the system, the traditions and step up in front of all problems and challenges and say yes I Believe.

I believe in myself, I believe in my business and I believe in my community.

What can a rural community do for a social innovation led by women who invested in their only expertise they have and it is cooking, and it is true that these women are striving to create a better future for their families.

What does it take me as a citizen to support these Jana el Ayadi rural woman in their endeavors to make a difference in their community?

What does it take me as a citizen to support them in realizing their dreams, in seeking a respectful life I their village?

What does it take me as a citizen to support local producers to make a difference in the life and the fate of the rural community?

It only takes an engagement from you to support their endeavors contribute to their sustainability and their stability to keep their flame burning, and keep their community alive and protected from polluting agents being social, political, economic and cultural nature.

For a better future, support rural women, sign up to ISHOPRURAL.com and buy products from Jana Al Ayadi cooperative.


Patricia Sfeir (Seeds-Int)

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