Social capital and local development: from theory to empirics

The book “Social capital and local development: from theory to empirics” has been published by Palgrave Macmillan (Springer Nature) and is available for purchase here.

SIMRA project coordinator Prof. Maria Nijnik and project partner Bill Slee wrote the Foreword; and SIMRA results were directly used in the following chapters: Chapter 5 “Social capital, network governance and social innovation: towards a new paradigm” (83-105) and Chapter 19 “What future of LEADER as a catalyst of social innovation” (417-438), while also contributing to other chapters.

 A sneak peek…

There is a growing body of knowledge on social capital, which is recognised as a relevant variable in influencing development outcomes. Given that disadvantaged rural areas may be less well endowed with social capital (or at least the right sort of social capital) to engage in creative and productive forms of local development, such an analysis is arguably much needed to address the social, economic and environmental crises that individually or together afflict many rural areas. The book “Social capital and Local Development” contributes to an evidence base of knowledge on, and measurement of, social capital as a force in rural development. The authors argue rightly that Putnam’s view of social capital tends to overlook power relations, social inequalities, and governance structures which are considered more deeply in Bourdieu’s analysis. Their approach synthesises these two main traditions of thought regarding social capital arguing that ‘the network- based approach of the Bourdieusian tradition can (then) be combined with the civic participation approach of the Putnamian tradition to shed light on the multi-dimensional and contextual aspects of social capital’.

Please cite as: Pisani, E., Franceschetti, G., Secco, L., Christoforou, A. (2017) “Social Capital and Local Development. From Theory to Empirics”, Palgrave Macmillan Springer Nature (eBook ISBN 978-3-319-54277-5; DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-54277-5; Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-54276-8).


Elena Pisani (Uni Padova)
Elena Pisani (Uni Padova)

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