Toward the Euro+Med Agri Social Forum

Social Farming is a concrete process of cultural innovation spreading all over Europe and around the globe to fight against rising inequality and different form of social, cultural and economical exclusion. It is a collective process of democratisation able to attract my young adults who chose to go back to land, but with the mission to produced high  quality product and at the same time promoting human rights for those vulnerable people the in agriculture find a place of integration, rehabilitation, working inclusion.

The Euro+Med Agri Social Forum, to be held in Brussels on 11th July, shall facilitate free and democratic participation of all interested parties and citizens, supporting cultural, economic and social forces, as well as institutions at all levels, to gain a prominent role. Euro+Med Agri-Social Forum aims at the creation of a space for discussion and constructive dialogue on a European level as well as with the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, among all entities and networks that operate in different ways in the field of Social and care farming.

The Forum want to be the place where to meet, to exchange, to develop long term strategies and joint initiatives, starting by the First sector, by agriculture, by the respect of all human being, promoted in their dignity. Today social farming is giving a concrete answer to old and new rising needs such as the process of social and working inclusion of refugees or what in Italy we call “after us” what is going to happen to our disables people after the death of their parents? .

The Event will be chaired by the Vice president of Eu parliament Davide Sassoli and will be attends amongst the other by Georgios Dassis | President of  EESC and Our Vice Minister of Agriculture on. Andrea Olivero and  by representatives coming from different organisation and countries.

In the afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm at the CIA headquarters in Brussels Rue Philippe Le Bon 46, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) is planned a sharing round table in order to confront together about Euro + Med Agri Social Forum.

EURO+MED AGRI-SOCIAL FORUM aims at the creation of a space for discussion and constructive dialogue on a European level as well as with the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, among all entities and networks that operate in different ways in the field of care farming. A space for political and cultural discussion and research that shall be able to:

1- Further spread the practice of care farming throughout European Countries as well as the Mediterranean area as a whole;

2- Promote care farming among Institutions as well as among European bodies dealing with Agricultural, Economic, Social, Healthcare and Work policies;

3- Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practices among different European entities;

4- Develop an efficient communication strategy aimed at raising awareness among citizens regarding the values, ethical principles and opportunities of this innovative welfare system.


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