Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA) is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. SIMRA seeks to advance understanding of social innovation and innovative governance in agriculture, forestry and rural development, and how to boost them, particularly in marginalised rural areas across Europe, with a focus on the Mediterranean region (including non-EU) where there is limited evidence of outcomes and supporting conditions.


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    Póster Jornada Custodia SIMRA - FINAL-001

    1 de abril de 2017 – Mora de Rubielos (Teruel)


    9:30 Recepción de participantes y bienvenida.

    10:00 Innovación social en el mundo rural: los vecinos en la gestión de los recursos agro-forestales.

    Elena Górriz. Investigadora, Oficina Regional del Mediterráneo del Instituto Forestal Europeo

    10:30 La custodia del territorio. Historia y método.

    Jorge Abril. Coordinador, Asociación Desarrollo Maestrazgo-Secretaría Técnica Red Aragonesa de Custodia del Territorio

    11:15 Apadrina un olivo. Iniciativa de Desarrollo Rural Sostenible. ¿Cómo recuperar 100.000 olivos centenarios abandonados?

    José Alfredo Martín y Alberto Alfonso. Cofundadores, Asociación Recuperación Olivos Yermos Oliete

    12:00 Pausa

    12:15 Vídeoconferencia: ¿Cómo favorecer el acceso a la tierra?

    Jordi Martí. Presidente, Asociación Terrafranca

    13:00 El banco de tierras: prevención de incendios forestales y recuperación de paisaje.

    Olga Ric. Técnica de Medio Ambiente, Comarca Matarraña

    13:45 Iniciativa privada ligada a la gestión agro-forestal de la finca Buixcarró.

    Vicent Ferri. Fundación Victoria Laporta Carbonell, P.N. Serra Mariola

    14:30 Comida

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    No additional detail for this event.

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    adopt a tree

    Institute of Forest Ecology of Slovak Academy of Sciences and CE SPECTRA, in cooperation of Institute of circular economy organized auction of small trees. The event “Adopt a tree” was held on April 22, 2017 in Bratislava during traditional event “The good market”. Self-seeded trees were provided by local people from their yard and offered on the market for voluntary fee, or for free respectively. Beside the dissemination of awareness about urban green functions and carbon footprint reduction, we wanted to find out the willingness to pay of the local people for a tree which provide them ecosystem services (e.g. relaxation, regeneration). At the same time, it was an indirect contribution to the reduction of waste in the area, as the greenery from the local peoples’ areas did not end up in the waste but was reintroduced into the circular economy system. People liked the action, we were able to give away about 30 trees, the market visitors who completed the questionnaire, were on average willing to pay € 0.98 / tree. The project was supported by the H2020 project SIMRA – Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas.



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