Libera Terra

Entrepreneurship; Poverty and social exclusion; Employment; Other

Association coordinating regionally based associations, groups and schools committed to spreading a culture of legality and providing a social use of goods confiscated from the mafia, particularly through organic production in confiscated lands. Among other labels, it created in 2008 Libera Terra Mediterraneo which is a non-profit consortium including the social cooperatives of Libera Terra and other ones sharing the same principles. Its mission is mainly carried out through the setting up of social and farm cooperatives. Through them, Libera Terra creates employment, stimulates other satellite economic activities, promotes organic farming and fosters a virtuous economic system based on law, social justice and the market. Nowadays, Libera Terra cooperatives employ approximately 140 people and manage around 1,400 hectares of agricultural land in four regions of Southern Italy (Sicily, Calabria, Apulia and Campania).

Networking; Marketing & Promotion; Management; Coordination
More than 1200 regionally-based associations, groups and schools

• The project pursuits transformation in several dimensions: the re-dignification of the image of the territories, the building of a culture of legality fighting against the mafia, the organic production of the lands. • Positive changes on economy (agricultural land/properties confiscated to mafia re-used for legal activities; tens of products commercialised in 12 specialised stores in various Italian regions and some large retailer like Coop in the country, included oil, wine, pasta, legumes, preserves and other organic goods; small-scale producers active in very marginalised rural areas, start up of entrepreneurial initiatives that have a moral and social support throughout Italy), on society (reacting to mafia and illegalities, reaction against the negative social capital, every year on the confiscated lands international community work camps are run), on culture (demonstrating that reacting against mafia is possible, creating and widespreading the culture of legality), on employment (providing an alternative to youth and marginalised farmers against mafia: the confiscated lands have been taken over by cooperatives of students), on environment (re-use of abandoned lands, or rehabilitation of polluted land). Outputs: • The cooperatives produce olive oil, red wines, lemons, durum wheat, pasta, and honey, which are sold in cooperative shops and are stamped with the slogan "La Terra Libere Dalle Mafie", some even bearing the name of a mafia victim, helping to conjure moral reflection and create a compelling story behind the food • It has achieved several awards and recognitions: association of social advancement by the Ministry of Social Solidarity, success story by Eurispes in 2008, and it was on the list of the 100 best NGOs in the world of The Global Journal

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