Cooperative Biopenyagolosa

Demographic challenges; Employment

Farming cooperative following criteria of agroecology and traditional farming cultivating truffles. The novelty of this cooperative is the fact that the truffle sector works largely in the grey market and truffle hunters are very individualistic. The initial idea of making a truffle cooperation of five members evolved quickly. More people joined immediately and resulted in an agricultural and forestry cooperation with a variety of different products and sections. Now the cooperative also participates in several local projects including an online learning community 'Penyagolosa e-duca'.

Networking; Production of goods; Management; Workshops
Penyagolosa Natural Park, Project Penyagolosa E-duca

• Biopenyagolosa has decreased transaction costs. Other positive effects are better control over truffle trade, increased confidence among stakeholders and higher levels of innovation (through human capital). • The cooperative uses traditional natural resources to develop a sustainable economic venture in the local area. • It also gets involved with other local projects, as the project 'Penyagolosa e-duca' in order to incorporate ICT in the daily life of the village and improve the quality of life of locals.

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.