Dagnja(Veteran fishery cooperative (Braniteljsko ribarska zadruga)

Poverty and social exclusion; Employment

Cooperative of underage soldiers with difficulties to regulate their veteran status. The cooperative has a concession contract with Zadar region for cultivation of mussels that are sold to distributors. The cooperative is also partner of University of Zadar; Department of ecology, agronomy and aquaculture in different types of research projects.

Networking; Production of goods; Marketing & Promotion
Zadar Region Development Agency (AGRRA), Ministry of veterans, Ministry of Agriculture, University of Zadar, Local Action Group Tri mora and other local actors

Beyond addressing the need of integration of war veterans, the added value and success of cooperative "Dagnja" lies in networking with Zadar region Development Agency, with local stakeholders (distributors) and local actors.

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.