Rise Hub

Poverty and social exclusion

Rise Hub is an association for social advancement and community resilience that grew in response to the local needs and the encounter between two inflows of new inhabitants (return of young professionals and refugees and asylum seekers). Activities developed include socio-cultural and territorial animation, informal education, the promotion of youth international mobility, legal advice and intercultural mediation, the promotion of social entrepreneurship and eco-sustainable lifestyles. Thus, the association works for the promotion of the development of personal skills, social inclusion, intercultural learning, sustainable territorial development and the creation of social ties. Main initiatives: Provide information and assistance for youth opportunities, realize and support the development of social inclusion projects and events for the promotion of social networks, non-formal and intercultural education and sustainable development of the territory. Main project: Erasmus+ KA1 for the social inclusion of migrants in rural areas, international workcamp for the reactivation of small villages, social agriculture projects, info desk for legal assistance and for mobility and volunteering projects opportunities, multicultural catering.

Networking, Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Services delivery, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Action-research, Cultural activities
Verla LAG, Refugee centre Atina-Sora, Public administrations, universities and research centers, reception centers for asylum seekers, territorial development agencies, farms, SMEs, cultural associations, national and european NGOs.

Laboratory for social innovation at local scale: • It has continued the work of the project eith the asylum centre Ainta-Sora to go beyound the esseantial primary reception of immigrants and enabling to pursue a real integration of these people in the rural context. • Set-up of micro-credit lending to refugees to facilitate their access to small farming activitites • The start of the 'Tomato project' which mixes unemployed local young people and immigrants in establishing fresh tomato production to be sold thoughout Italy • The launch of a catering service at local scale to provide small and medium sized private events with multi-ethnic cuisine prepared by immigrants and unemployed people. •The kick-off of several cultural activities Amongst the most important results obtained: - 500 young people took part in Rise Hub's activities (events, workshops, conferences) - 35 young people took part in European mobility projects and international volunteering in Italy and abroad, including 10 migrants - 10 young people have found employment through the Rise Hub network - 15 young people have been involved in micro-revenue activities with Rise Hub

• European Network for Rural Development Projects Brochure 2016 Migrant and Refugee Integration

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