Apadrina un Olivo (Adopt an olive tree)

Demographic challenges; Environmental sustainability; Improvement of services / infrastructures; Poverty and social exclusion; Employment

Crowdfunding initiative encouraging people to 'adopt' an olive tree through a website with the options for a 'gift adoption', 'yearly adoption' and 'monthly adoption'. The stepparent christens the olive tree and receives photos periodically of it (through an app named Mi Olivo.org), and also information about the weather conditions of the area, of the work being done on it, etc. And also two liters of extra virgin olive oil from the olive trees part of the project. Besides, field trips are organised to visit the adopted olive trees promoting rural tourism in the area. The true owners of the olive trees receive the 10% of the harvest from the 6th year that the olive tree enters the project. It also runs volunteer days for people to help restore the olive trees as well as working closely with the ATADI organisation to provide days for those with learning disabilities to help restore the trees. After build the first Sustainable, Social and Solidary Oil Mill, they also offer this product and other related on miolivo.org to invest the benefits to increase their social impact.

Networking; Production of goods; Assistance & Advice; Public participation; Fundraising; Project management; Marketing & Promotion
ATADI (Agrupación turolense de asociaciones de personas con discapacidad intelectual (Teruel's group of people with learning dissabilities' associations); Oliete population; VIDRALA; BELLOTA; STHIL; TALLERES MOLINA - NEW HOLLAND; FUNDACION TELEFONICA; FUNDACION LA CAIXA; FUNDACION PUIG; and more.

• Olive trees restoration: 2,000 adoptions. 100,000 centennial olive trees neglected for more than 30 years have been regained. These olive trees are centenarians, and some of them are around 2,000 years old and were planted by the Phoenicians, Iberians and Romans. • Source of employment and economic development: Two permanent jobs created and six part-time jobs. It has helped to fix young population. • Incorporation of the ATADI group (Agrupación Turolense de Asociaciones de personas con Discapacidad Intelectual) with the project. The ATADI group helps to improve the lives of those with learning disabilities and their families. • It has promoted the opening of an oil mill where people outside the project can bring their own olives and get their oil, also securing the recovery of their own olive trees. This oil mill provides a local service. • Reached over 1 million people concerning them about the abandon of the rural areas and its environmental consequences as one of the biggest problems in Spain. • Volunteer Programs. • Field trips promoting rural tourism in the area.

• Interview in the Newspaper "La Vanguardia": Los olivos no son nuestros son de la humanidad • Piece of news 10/04/2017: Adoption program saves town, one tree at a timeYoutube channel

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.