Environmental sustainability, Poverty and social exclusion, Other is an online platform that is working to build solidarity among ecologically and socially responsible producers. The platform is aiming to promote ‘prosumers economy’ that is a macro scale circular economy with minimum negative or positive ecological and social impact. This system enables a trust based service and product exchange among producers and prosumers. Products provided by ecologically and socially responsible producers are served to prosumers who embrace similar values with the producers. It aims to create trust among people and foster goodness, while promoting fair and ethical trade. Inspirational and an ethical trading tool, this web platform allows users to share selfless acts and buy responsible products, both ecologically and socially. The platform has two parts: a bazaar and an inspiration board. In the bazaar there are products available for purchase (ecological detergents, agricultural products, handicrafts etc.). Producers are those who adopt a fair and environmentally friendly production method. Prosumers are those who try to use local products and who consciously seek information about where the product comes from and whether or not it is environmentally friendly. Purchases benefit the community and participate in the development of a circular economy, keen to prevent environmental pollution and waste. The inspiration board is the part of the platform for sharing selfless acts toward nature, humans or animals, and encourage people to do good as well. This component highlights the altruistic actions of its users with the idea of sharing satisfaction and inspiring others to act responsibly. The platform has been growing since its foundation in 2014. By May 2019, the platform has 81 producers serving 12,419 registered prosumers. Regarding the company model, all its shares are investment shares, and therefore the company does not distribute profit as a requirement of its memorandum of association. If any profit is made, it is automatically reinvested. Also, Good4Trust is currently run through the work of volunteers.

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Good4Trust has paved the way for a new economic model in the area of civil society and has opened a space for a healthier and more conscious living. It has contributed to the creation of a culture of goodness and respect for the environment and has made a huge difference in the lives of those who produce ecological products and those who support fair and environmentally friendly production that will last for generations. At the end of 2018 registered prosumer member list had reached 11478 members and 70 producers. The income generated through this prosumer economy reached to 189.579 TL in 2018.

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