Prospero Association - Sustainable Social Enterprise

Poverty and social exclusion, Employment

Prospero Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in response to unemployment and social disadvantage. The Association is focused on solving the problem of unemployment in marginalized social groups, primarily women, youth and persons with disabilities. The focus of its activity is employment and economic empowerment via education and re-qualification, and/or self-employment. The economic branch on which it concentrates is agriculture and traditional crafts. One of the projects developed by the association is “Using untapped resources and education on a sustainable social enterprise” (2017-2018), funded by the European Social Fund. The project targeted unemployed women from the rural area of Gracac and trained them to produce footwear using natural materials. As part of the project, machines for making footwear were procured, and project participants were also trained in sales and marketing. Furthermore, the association formulated an operating and marketing plan and the at the end of the project in 2018, it was continued by the establishment of a social enterprise.

Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Fundraising, Project management
Lika Quality, Municipality of Gracac

Reduction of inequality, introduction of innovations, and contribution to community sustainability, responsible spending and the recycling of materials.

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