Paraisos Slow: Poetry-based free tours in rural areas

Demographic challenges

A project aiming to create a poetry-based touristic guide with the direct participation of the local inhabitants and to develop a movement of free tours in rural areas. It builds on the ideas of slow tourisms and free tours movements. The poetry-based tour guide will be an interactive multimedia tool, susceptible to be updated, which will show not only what visitors can see but also what they could feel and experience. The tour will be told by the locals themselves through poetry resources. There are participatory workshops taken place in every village to map the local heritage spots and design the trails. Poetry-based activities and dynamics are developed in the workshops to illustrate the guide and to develop a sense of place. Once the workshops are held, and the guide is developed, a person from every village, selected during the workshops, will be in charge of providing the free tours to the visitors. It is based on the idea is that developing a sense of place culture based on knowledge of the land, love of the land, and care for the land is essential for tackling depopulation.

Networking, Services delivery, Public participation, Workshops, Cultural activities
Poetopia, Diputacion de Malaga, Local inhabitants

The project is still in the initial stages, so the impact is still limited. In any case, it aims to bring 'slow free tours' in rural areas, starting in Antequera by developing a model that could be easily replicated in other areas. It seeks to create a network of collaborators in every village, and generate income in the rural communities, and to nurture a culture of respect and value of the natural heritage in rural areas.

• Blog post 29/01/2020: Hablamos con Poetry for good

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