Torth y Tir – Loaf of the land

Environmental sustainability, Improvement of services / infrastructures

Loaf of the land is a Community-Supported Peasant Bakery in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. It is legally declared as 'Community Benefit Society' with Cooperatives UK. It is equally run by 6 persons, among which are bakers, farmers, pizza makers, finance and development officers. On the collective land, they farm, mill and bake wood-fired, handmade sourdough bread and pizzas which they sell in short-circuits on farm. In addition to their farming activities, they organise on-farm courses for anyone to learn more on agroecological practices but also on bread or pizza making. They unique community farm model in the UK has proven to increase community solidarity among inhabitants of surrounding villages. It also enabled the transition of agroecology know-how through farmer-to-farmer or farmerto-citizen trainings. Finally, it provides food to inhabitants for a small village with about 1.800 inhabitants, far from the rest of UK.

Networking, Production of goods
The Centre for Agroecology Water and Resilience, Real bread campaign, UK CSA network, Scotland the Bread, Brockwell Bake, Welsh Grain Forum, Felin Ganol Watermill

The Community farm is an opened area welcoming members of the local community willing to help in making the bread or wishing to buy some on-farm made pizza. The community dimension is one core concept of the farm, the other one being farming with nature through agroecology.

"We are willing to host European visitors and volunteers"

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