Mazi Farm

Environmental sustainability

Community-supported regenerative agroforestry farm run by a intergenerational team from multiple nationalities aiming to restore degraded farmland in the Mediterranean. The farming at Mazi follow the ‘syntropic’ model of agriculture, an ecological method of farming which mimicks nature’s patterns in everything the farmers do, from farm design to management decisions to crop choices. In this way, they aim at renewing the existing resources and regenerate damaged ecosystems, instead of depleting or sustaining them. Mazi Farm has also developed a brand for their products and established themselves as a community-supported farm so they contribute to providing a local and healthy production system for the inhabitants of Evia Island. Civil society is involved through the CSA scheme and through the crowd-funding / donations scheme to support and sustain this initiative.

Production of goods, Public participation, Fundraising, Marketing & Promotion, Experimentation
Local farmers and volunteers

A long history of land misuse and management, where overgrazing and prevalent fires have left the land in a vulnerable and damaged state. Now, thanks to the regenerative techniques (i.e. growing perennial plants, avoiding use of chemicals) and choice of producing nutrient-dense foods in an agroforestry system, Mazi Farm is little by little regenerating the soil and improving the local biodiversity.

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