Tasuleasa Social

Environmental sustainability, Poverty and social exclusion

The Tasuleasa Social association was established in 2001 in Bistrita-Nasaud County by Alin UhlmannUseriu and a small number of people who wished to change the mentalities of those around them and to prove that young people were willing to get involved in solving social issues. The headquarters were set at the foot of the Tasuleasa Mountain, in Pasul Tihuta. The members of the association, helped by volunteers, built a campus at the top of the Bargaului Mountain, in Pasul Tihuta, and they created a place where they could bring young people in order to train them and teach them what being a volunteer meant and why it was important to care about the environment. Their goal is to change the mentalities of the people and to reveal the fact that young people really wish to get involved in solving social issues. All the youngsters who get involved in the association’s activities are trained to develop similar projects on their own and to carry on social campaigns. Over time, they have been working with teenagers who were confronted with several problems: prisoners from juvenile prisons, children from socially disadvantaged areas, students dropping out of school and deaf children. For the Tasuleasa Social Association, the most important values are volunteering, respect for nature, educating young people through practical examples and developing civic courage among young people through their involvement in social and environmental issues. So, the association works in three fields: - Social community issues and solidarity (project Christmas Truckers, to distribute Christmas presents to children in rural communities) - Environment conservation, developing actions in several directions: afforestation, selective waste collection, and tourist routes. - Creating a culture of caring for the environment and the community

Networking, Training / Teaching, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Volunteering
Volunteers and a number of local, national and international companies and sponsors

The social innovation has led to an increase of youth employment, to a revival of many local communities and more collaboration, and to awareness-raising about the local environment and global climate issues.

• Case study in the TESS booklet: Community Climate Action Across Europe
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"2018, June 18th is the day that Tasuleasa Social started a new project, Via Transilvanica. This is a 1000 kilometers long hiking trail, which is similar to the Spanish Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, which trespasses 10 counties, and several rural communities (180) through Transylvania. It promotes different cultures, minorities and several historical differences, which are part of the colorful, interesting and overwhelmingly beautiful Transylvania. In only 2 years, Tasuleasa Social built already 398 kilometers of the trail, marking it with beautiful milestones which are carved by talented sculptures, each of the stones having a particular carving. At the end, the traveler will have a 1000 kilometers long exhibition of sculptures in andesite stones. On the official website of the project we already put a Travelers Guide for the 398 kilometers, in 3 languages, available for free to download, which helps plan the trip of anyone’s dream. At the end of each day of hiking, the tourist will find contact and information in the guide about where to sleep, eat and shop. This is the biggest rural development project of Tasuleasa Social, which aloud rural communities to grow, develop and to increase the local economy and entrepreneurship ideas in those areas."

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