Crowdfunding & Matchfunding for Social Innovation Projects


Goteo is a Quad Helix model responding to the question on how could crowdfunding benefit the Commons through launching civic crowdfunding campaigns and deploying crowadvocacy. Goteo is a crowdfunding platform for projects that generate collective returns in addition to individual rewards. Thus, it works with projects that encourage the commons, open source and/or free knowledge. The aim is to support civic, ethical and open projects whose objectives, format or final result offer, in a total or significant way, some kind of collective return. Each project receives advice according to their particular needs and Goteo supports them as much as possible to achieve their success. Although it is not primarily aimed at rural initiatives in particular, many projects based in rural areas have worked with the platform to raise funds for their initiatives. For instance: - Recovery of autochthonous forest in Undabaso in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve to continue replacing pine forest crops with native forest, contributing to the improvement of our natural environment for the good of current society and future generations. - Verema Solidària is a experience that links territorial and social responsibility. Who wants to participate can participate in the grape harvest for a day while the funds are donated to organisations working for the social inclusion of people with disabilities in the rural territories where the vineyards are located. - Hortigas Agroecologic Cooperative, dedicated to the production of vegetables, promotes social transformation in the area of Granada through the cultivation of orchards, barter and mutual support groups. - Etxebarria Baserria, a self-managed collective from Bizkaia which in 2010 recovered a farmhouse for the cultivation of vegetables, beekeeping and the artisan production of bread. Food sovereignty is the main axis of their project, and they need your support to build a new bread oven and ensure the sustainability of their project. - "La Casa Vieya" Cheese Obrador, the project of a family from Asturias to make a living pastoring in the Picos de Europa and achieve the first certificated Gamoneu ecological cheese. - The recovery of Iscles, an abandoned village in the province of Huesca, where the new inhabitants have been working tirelessly to recover homes, gain access to water, live on the harvest and the animals, as they say, celebrate and live together.

Training / Teaching, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Support (Technical, legal, etc.), Fundraising, Project management, Action-research
Entities (public/private), Universities, Tech Institutes

Since it started in 2011 and up to December 2018 Goteo has raised almost 8 millions of euors (7,934,392 €) for 992 sucessful projects. - Success rate of 77% (92% in 2018). - 4,793 projects received and reviewed of which 1,314 have been puslished. - 16 matchfunding calls

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.