Adotta un terrazzamento

Demographic challenges; Environmental sustainability; Entrepreneurship; Poverty and social exclusion; Employment

Abandoned terraces adoption by locals willing to family farm the field, or by long-distance symbolic adoptions by paying a fee. A committee mediates between the landowners, presently abroad or unable to take care of the terraces, and mountain-lovers interested in supporting their conservation. The project started after a few experiences of 'terrace adoption' had occurred spontaneously in Valstagna: the objective of the project has thus been to regulate and expand the activities, allowing any interested person the opportunity to adopt a terrace and provide direct or long-term support to the mountains of the Brenta River Valley.

Networking; Production of goods; Assistance & Advice; Social media; Public participation; Support (Technical, legal, etc.); Project management; Action-research
• Municipality of Valstagna • Italian Alpine Club (Bassano del Grappa Section) • Department of Geography of the University of Padova • IUAV University of Venice, Venetial Regional Government, Italian Alpin Club, High, Land Group, "Alta via del Tabacco","Associazione Agrincolti", "Gruppo coltivare condividendo", "Alleanza paesaggi terrazzati"

The innovation has revitalised a historical municipality abandoned by residents. Consequently, also the terraces were abandoned. The positive impacts are both social and environmental. • Aspects featured as original by the literature: Institutional partnership among academia, local governments and associations; using wasteland and overcoming the limitations of private property (they had to find the owners of the abandoned lands and convince them on loan the lands for the project); adoption as a means of enhancing a nonprofit and multifunctional approach to the land • Results: Recovering of more than 100 terraces covering more than 4 ha in different parts of the valley, with the involvement of more than 100 people, most of them not Valley residents.

• Varotto, M., & Lodatti, L. (2014). New Family Farmers for Abandoned Lands: The Adoption of Terraces in the Italian Alps (Brenta Valley) Mountain Research and Development, 34(4), 315-325. • Documentary film Picola Terra

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