Mosaico project

Environmental sustainability; Keeping local population and attracting entrepreneurs from urban areas

Project aimed to prevent megafires by promoting agro-silvo-pastoral practices and products. Mosaico intends to stimulate, advise and consolidate small or large initiatives that generate cultivated land, grazing land or extraction of forest products (productive firebreaks). The team holds informative sessions, acts as a bridge with local and regional institutions, and works as a network including local entrepreneurs.

Networking, Social media, Support (Technical, legal, etc.), Action-research
Local network of farmers, regional government and municipalities After one successful first year, more institutions were interested and joined the network

- Creation of a participatory network of new land managers reducing fire risk through cropping, livestock husbandry and forestry practices. - Improvement of governance of abandoned communal lands.

• Beaufoy, G. (ed), HNV-Link Partners. (2017). THE HNV-LINK COMPENDIUM. Comparative collection of High Nature Value innovations, experiences, needs and lessons, from 10 European “Learning Areas”. Cuacos (Spain) : EFNCP & Montpellier (France) : CIHEAM-IAMM, (HNV-Link H2020 Project). HNV-Link WP2, deliverable 2.6.1

"The network includes (January 2018) 150 projects encompassing 20,000 hectares of land whose management can reduce fire risk while keeping locals and attracting neorurals"

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.