Integra Todos - Costurizate

Entrepreneurship; Poverty and social exclusion; Employment

Integra Todos is an insertion company created by a local association promoting local development. The company dedicates to start productive activities while training people at risk of social exclusion to develop general social and labour skills. Costurizate is the first productive project started and it is oriented to train women in dressmaking skills. The project was designed and set up by a local association with consultancy and collaboration from other actors of the area (associations, enterprises, NGOS, LAG group), and it was selected by a programme of national awards granted by one of the biggest banks in the Country, which means it had to be formally planned and well-structured in order to be presented.

Networking; Training / Teaching; Management
LAG Sierra del Segura, Regional Government (Consejeria de Bienestar Social), local authorities (Council of Elche de la Sierra), La Caixa Bank.

• The company has created already 6 job positions for people at risk of social exclusion • There have been 2 editions of the Costurizate course with the participation of 38 women (17 in the first edition, 21 in the second one).

"Integra Todos SL is the first insertion company in Sierra del Segura. The next year we will start the second productive project, called CULTIVATE."

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