Environmental sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Land abandonment and Economic development

EconoMountain brings new economic activities and resources and competitive ways to make forestry fuel withdrawals, to gain control over fire. The social innovation is a new technique of grazing, which uses goats for mountain devastation/fuel control. It is intended, therefore, to control the intensity, period and timing of grazing. The management includes the partnership with a shepherd to optimise the work. The project also has an information and communication component - kitchen workshops -, aiming to change the habits of consumption towards a responsible consumption, valuing the most sustainable productions (mushrooms, honey, ...) and exploring niche markets.

Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Public participation
An informal network with research institutions - partners in the intervention model. Regional Directorate of Agriculture Management entities are involved in the wastelands and parish councils - owners of the land, forest intervention areas and land management decision makers.

• Protection of the ecosystems against fire; • Redefinition of the use of animals in landscape management; • Decrease of the forestry fuel management cost; • Increase the area of conducted grazing; • Jobs for shepherds; • Raise awareness among the community about the real effect of resource and landscape management; • Increase the value of what is produced by the forestry resources; • Increase the competitiveness of the territory by decreasing the risk of fire (reduce investment risks and bring new investors and new productions (e.g., resin, mushrooms); • Increase the provision of services of tourism in the area - generation of wealth – and awareness/recognition by tourists of the value of the services provided by ecosystems; • Increase the proximity between consumer/markets and producer; • Increase sustainable consumption by changing eating habits.

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.