Korenika - organic social farm

Environmental sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Poverty and social exclusion, Employment, Education

Eko-social farm KORENIKA (with about 20 ha of agricultural land) was established by the Institute for training and employment of handicapped people and social marginalised groups (gypsy). They are working on the farm, producing the organic food and processing it. All food products produced and processed on the farm are certificated as organic and are sold on the farm, local marketplace and special shops. There are about 17 selling points in east, north east and central Slovenia where the Korenikas` organic products are available. Around 30% of the raw material for further processing of food are bought from other organic farms in the region. The exact number of surrounded farms was not available.

Networking, Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Marketing & Promotion

- The unemployment rate in east part of Slovenia is the highest in Slovenia, special for marginalised groups and handicapped persons, - The only possibility to employ them in agriculture was via Korenika, - They do not only employ them, but also educate them for farm working, - The handicapped people get the possibility for inclusion in the society, - As the Korenika was the first positive example of social farm, afterwards many social farms rises, - Surrounded farms recognised the business opportunity in cooperation with Korenika - Once abandoned agricultural land became interesting again, - The short and quality food supply chains developed,…

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.