Hortas Sociais do Bispo - Social Agriculture @ESAC

Entrepreneurship, Poverty and social exclusion

The bishops' Urban Social Agriculture experience started in October 2008, in a partnership between the Coimbra Agrarian School (ESAC) and the S. Martinho do Bispo Parish, Coimbra. They are located at one end of the ESAC campus and have 11 plots, 5 of which are assigned to women. The production model is based on the most basic rules of the Organic Production. They support the productive activity in principles and practices of social technologies and in the use of traditional varieties. Each plot has an average area of 75 m2 and has a composter. There is a water outlet for every two plots. They have collective collection disposal (adapted from an old disabled pigeon), where they keep seeds and agricultural tools. The production is mainly for domestic consumption, although they provide some products to family and friends and exchange between them.

Production of goods, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Action-research
S. Martinho Parish

It was positive, because created the opportunity growing their own vegetables, and reduced their needs to buy products, increasing their own incomes.

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