Skylark Foundation

Environmental sustainability

Skylark is a national-level private initiative which aims to move arable farming in the Netherlands towards a more sustainable pathway. In 2015, the Skylark initiative gathered some 388 (mostly) conventional farmers which together manage 8.7% of the arable area in the Netherlands. There is a membership fee to be involved in the Skylark projects. Skylark participants are required to draft an annual individual sustainability plan for their farm. Skylark is funded by the companies in the chain (such as Heineken at the origin of this concept) as well as by the participating farmers.

Production of goods, Assistance & Advice, Action-research, Information
Chain partners (ie Limagrain); Knowledge partners (ie BASF, Syngenta); Advice organizations

• The Skylark approach seems effective in motivating farmers and building their knowledge and capacity. • In cooperation with Control Union and under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a practical and unique certification method was developed: the Skylark certificate.

Westerink and Van Doorn (201):Pegasus Case Study

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.