Blue Bees

Entrepreneurship; Green agriculture and healthy food

Crowdfunding platform to promote and facilitate the implementation of projects working for a sustainable agriculture and food, ie ecological, economically viable source of employment and social ties in the territories. It helps to finance projects by facilitating the connection between the promoters of innovative projects, in order to enable them to find the funding and support they need; and Internet users, offering them the opportunity to participate in the realization of virtuous projects by lending from 20 euros, and giving from 5 euros. Besides, Blue Bees connects manufacturers and distributors, thus creating business opportunities for project promoters.

Networking, Fundraising, Facilitation
• Private companies: Nature & Découvertes, Ethiquable, Pur Project • Associations and NGOs: Bpifrance, CIDR, Fermes d'Avenir, Groupe SOS, Terre de Liens, La Fabrique, Terre et Humanisme, WECF, WWOOF France • Investment funds and banks: Midi-Pyrénées Actives, Credit Mutuel, Wiseed

• Facilitation of the development of sustainble agriculture projects • 200 projects funded and 3.4M€ collected since inception (March 2018)

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.