Demographic challenges, Improvement of services / infrastructures, Poverty and social exclusion

Time bank offering an exchange system of services. The currency for the calculation of services is solely the time someone spends or presumes, irrespective of the content or result of the service. If a member uses a service, the compensation does not necessarily return directly to the service provider, but can also be accounted for to other members of the Zeitbank. According to the needs of the people, the association provides services and assistance in all areas of life.

Networking, Assistance & Advice, Public participation

• The younger and older generations from the region help each other. This has the advantage of being needed and getting help in return….at a later point in time. It is a new form of interaction within and between generations and fosters intergenerational solidarity. • The elderly population is no longer solely dependent on their families. In addition, they can help others, which make them feel needed. • It has been successfully implemented in 30 municipalities

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.