Plataforma Forestal Valenciana


The Valencian Forestry Platform Association (Plataforma Forestal Valenciana) was conceived to be a participative space for knowledge-sharing and the creation of synergies. The forestry sector in the Valencian region has traditionally been scattered, and the recognition of the forest owner is key to promote the development and structuring of the sector. Environmental and socio-economic value, as well as rural development, are also part of the platform’s concerns.

Networking, Assistance & Advice, Volunteering
Valencian Professional association of Forest Engineers, Valencian Association of Foresters, Association of Forest Municipalities, Univesitat Politecnica de Valencia

• The forest sector was rather disorganized with a few initiatives which were very embryonic. Hence, the Plataforma creates a critical mass by joining the efforts of all these small initiatives • The platform has already organized two regional forestry congresses and several workshops, which are 1) increasing the visibility of the forest sector within Valencian region, 2) enlarging and reinforcing the forest-related networks, 3) intersectoral networking, 4) have also become an important scholarly-based voice contrasting environmentalists groups in the region (so far the only organized forest-related actor). • The fact that the founders of the platform are linked to the university has paved the way for more students to be aware of the forestry debate in the region

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