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Recartografias is an association of land stewardship, which aims to study and map abandoned rural heritage. At the moment, their key project is "Mas Blanco" consisting in the restoration of abandoned rural equipment in San Agustín in an ecological and sustainable way. Their objectives are to restore the main municipal buildings of the neighbourhood to set up an eco-village and a technical school focused on traditional knowledge (Universidad Libre de Las Masías).

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San Agustin town Council

It aims to develop in the long term an autonomous eco-village and a technical school that could foster environmental awareness in its proximity. Several seminars, visit the rural buildings, and outdoor activities have already been organised in Mas Blanco.

"The main aim of Recartografías is to raise awareness about the critical problem of the depopulation of rural areas in Spain. San Agustín is a municipality with 130 inhabitants and 15 hamlets for instance. One the one hand we have our land stewardship project in which we try to restore former commons and buildings in Mas Blanco. On the other hand, we organise meetings, seminars and visits about different issues linked to the rural crisis, such as UE politics, agriculture, land use, climate change etc. So far this year we had visits from students, activists or academics from Spain, Canada, Argentina and Chile. It is important to note, that we work without any kind of financial support, neither from the universities, nor the public administrations, except for the local council of San Agustín for definite works in Mas Blanco.">

Recartografías team

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