Federatie Landbouw en Zorg - Network Care farming

Improvement of services / infrastructures, Entrepreneurship, Poverty and social exclusion, Employment

The federation ‘Federatie Landbouw en Zorg’ is a Dutch branch organization for agriculture and care. The federation professionalizes the sector, and facilitates regional organizations regarding care farmers, and is the central point of contact for stakeholders. The federation connects agriculture and care, stimulating cooperation’s between the stakeholders. It also stimulates innovative developments. The federation is a counter for all questions regarding agriculture and care, and spreads useful information. As this also brings agriculture and care stakeholders in close contact and collaborations. Lastly, the organization wants to create new developments and find the solutions to common problems.

Networking, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Experimentation
Farmers, regional farm care organisations, client organisations, government (multi level)

• It offers access to networks and leads to changes in activities in volunteer participating stakeholders. Sharing knowledge, meetings, handbooks, etc. leads to economic and social benefits for stakeholders, mainly farmers and organisations with a health care background (a diverse group of organisations). If offers therewith a network contributing to changing social practices of involved stakeholders and contributes to professionalisation. • At the scale of individual care farmers, clients, families of clients, and other stakeholders form a social network sustaining the future of the farm and offering the clients a better quality of life (reducing cost of health insurance).

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.