Community woodland Llais y Goedwig

Demographic challenges, Environmental sustainability, Governance, Employment

Llais y Goedwig is a community woodland association, that is, an organisation which exist to manage, care for, and enjoy a particular woodland site. Generally speaking, they are made up of individuals who live close to or nearby the woodland, a so-called community of place. They could also include a more dispersed group and could, therefore, be called a community of interest. CWGs can own the woodland they operate in although this is often not the case and groups will have an agreement with the landowner to manage the site. They can be consultative, collaborative or empowered. The innovative aspects are described by the Llais y Goedwig's four broad themes of work: i) Encourage networking amongst community woodland groups, ii) Develop resources for community woodland groups, iii) Raise the profile of community woodland groups, iv) Engage with policy makers.

Networking, Assistance & Advice, Communication, Lobbying
46 full members (community woodland groups from across Wales) and 149 associate members (other organisations or interested individuals)

• Llais y Goedwig has positive impacts at the social (networking among isolated communities), environmental (forest management), cultural (Welsh traditions) and political levels (vertical links with Natural Resources Wales, a Welsh Government sponsored body with environmental management and regulatory functions). • The members' networking helped the creation of local economic supply chains (timber, firewood and NWFP trade).

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.