CampiAperti – Open Fields

Demographic challenges, Environmental sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Employment

CampiAperti is an association that includes farmers and consumers that support organic farming. Informally it was born in 2000, when local farmers and university students tried to find a solution for creating direct markets connecting the producer to the consumer, for those farmers who did not comply with European regulations and could not sell to the distributors. It strives for food sovereignty in the city by supporting the small rural farms in the country have access to the consumer. This project is a starting point for the construction of an alternative pathway to the dominant economic system. Production is strictly biological and part of a short-value chain, connected to the territory and to the seasonal nature of the product, and controlled through a participatory guarantee system; the latter is "multi-sensory" control mode, where all producers and co-producers are invited to take charge of food quality.

Networking, Production of goods, Assistance & Advice, Public participation, Support (Technical, legal, etc.), Project management
82 small local producers have joined CampiAperti.

• The project has led to strong economic impacts for small local farmers, thorugh the creation of several local markets in Bologna city. • It also led to the creation of a social network in Italy connecting similar initiatives. • It promoted a campaign called "genuino clandestino" (genuine and illegal) to bring to the attention the problems of the small producers who are also processors, who do not meet the sanitary hygienic guidelines established by the European Union and calibrated on the large agri-food industry. • Nowadays, the association influences the regional governance in the agricultural sector, and they are invited at the regional coordination for social economy.

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