ARCHE NOAH - Preserving and Developing the Diversity of Cultivated Plants

Environmental sustainability, Employment, Education, Other

ARCHE NOAH was established as an initiative of heirloom gardeners, farmers and journalists, concerned with the future of seeds and heirloom varieties. Over the last 100 years, the diversity of our cultivated plants has dramatically decreased all over the globe due to the industrialisation of agriculture – more than 75% are already lost. Today, genetic engineering and various seed-monopolies, climate change and wars are threatening this precious heritage. ARCHE NOAH responds to the loss of agrobiodiversity with a positive vision and numerous activities. The activities comprise the ARCHE NOAH Seed Bank, the Seed Network, participation in different international Lifelong Learning Projects (e.g. EU Project Grundvig, Leonardo Project), show-garden, political campaigning, training and workshops, publications etc.

Networking, Training / Teaching, Assistance & Advice, Experimentation
Staff members, volunteers, members and supporters of the association

• Political participation (new stakeholder), knowledge transfer (education and training), increased consciousness for diversity in nutrition and agriculture, initiation and increase of new networks (e.g. Community Seed Banks).

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.