Rural Hub - Incubator for agriculture -based initiatives

Environmental sustainability, Improvement of services / infrastructures, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Poverty and social exclusion, Employment, Education

Rural Hub is a network of researchers, activists, and managers which share and exchange ideas and projects of social innovation in rural areas. It is a physical space in Napolo but also a virtual one with the objective of mapping and supporting the large movement of people who have technological skills and have decided to return to agriculture. It is both a co-living as well as a co-working experience. It is an "Incubator" and provides project financing for rural start-ups. The idea behind this project is to promote rural social innovations, by revitalizing traditional knowledge with innovative technologies.

Networking, Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Services delivery, Assistance & Advice, Social media, Public participation, Support (Technical, legal, etc.), Fundraising, Project management, Marketing & Promotion, Evaluation, Experimentation, Action-research
Investors, professional associations in the agro-food sector in general and specifically Ciheam Bari (Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari); Libera Terra; P2P foundation; Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group; Food + Tech Connect

It has led to a local cultural change related to the idea that it is possible to develop and finance start-ups in the agricultural sector.

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.