Diffused hotel of Pentedattilo

Demographic challenges; Environmental sustainability; Entrepreneurship; Poverty and social exclusion; Employment

The diffused hotel of Pentedattilo was restored in 2013 by an Italian entrepreneur that decided to revitalise this ancient village, which had been totally abandoned by the local population. The investment in the eco-tourism sector regarded the renewal of 14 houses for a total of 44 beds, by using eco-friendly techniques.

Networking; Assistance & Advice; Social media; Project management; Experimentation
ADI (Italian Association of Diffused Hotels)

• The tourism initiative, based on an eco-development model, has led to economic revitalization, to positive environmental and social impacts. • Before, the village was under the control of local organised crime ('Ndrangeta). The restoring is therefore not only conducive to the creation of a new economic opportunity but more specifically to the re-building of a legal economy in a Region where public actors and civil society struggle daily with organised crime.

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