Green Care Österreich

Demographic challenges, Improvement of services / infrastructures, Entrepreneurship, Poverty and social exclusion, Employment, Education

The Green Care Austria association was established in July 2015, following the development of the national Green Care strategy of 2014. It acts as a nationwide network of competences. Together with the nine agricultural chambers, the association established the nationwide competence network for the development and implementation of innovative green-care services on active family farms. The Green Care team is the contact for interested farmers, social sponsors and institutions who want to develop and implement offers together with agricultural and / or forestry companies or even run a business of this kind, and for the customers of Green Care offers.

Networking, Assistance & Advice, Project management, Product development, Education, Marketing & Public Relations
ARGE Green Care Österreich

Green Care Österreich is organizing policy networks at regional, national and EU level; improving awareness of Green Care to seek greater public attention and resources; increasing the knowledge and developing a judicial/institutional framework that supports and affirms. Other actions carried out by the association: • Development and implementation of high-quality Green Care products and services on active agricultural and forestry enterprises in co-operation with social services and institutions • Creation and implementation of the certification criteria for Green Care products and services (quality management systems) It has developed a “Green care - where people flourish” platform, which provides all partners with information • Presentation of existing financing models and creating new models • Development and promotion of education and further education programs for all people who want to engage with Green Care in the agriculture and forestry sectors • Support to interdisciplinary research in order to factually prove the effects and use of Green Care

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.