Pro Ratatouille Project

Poverty and social exclusion

Pro Ratatouille is a community based organic agricultural program for disadvantaged Roma and non-Roma people, which also aims to spread sustainable developmental models among small village communities. In practice, the village programs include complex adult education, employment, nutritional and community building activities. The program was developed in the spirit of agro-based social business. This approach emphasises the importance of agriculture, based rural development, fair distribution of the goods produced, community-based innovation and business development.

Networking; Training / Teaching; Assistance & Advice; Experimentation
Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary, ERSTE Foundation

• The development of the brand would enable the connection of producers through a social business inspired company that would produce its profits with environmental and social awareness. • The program also helps to fight the prejudices towards the Roma minority by enabling Roma and non-Roma members of a community to work together towards a common goal.

• Kassai, M. Ppt presentation: Community based organic agriculture program

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