Terres de Liens

Access to land

The initiative is based on the convergence of several movements linking popular education, organic and biodynamic agriculture, ethical finance, solidarity economy and rural development, to enable citizens and peasants to check the disappearance of land and to facilitate access to agricultural land for new peasant installations. This social innovation comprises three pillars: • An associative network (Terre de Liens) (a national association and 19 regional associations) which welcomes and accompanies farmers to their access to land, informs and brings together the public around land and agricultural issues, and anchors the Terre de Liens project. • A solidarity investment company (La Foncière) open to citizens which allows everyone to invest their savings in a project with high social and ecological value. The accumulated capital is used to purchase farms for diversified agri-rural activities. La Foncière leases these farms to peasants engaged in local, biological and human-sized agriculture. • A Foundation of public utility (Terre de Liens) which is entitled to receive donated or legacy farms. It also buys land that risks losing its agricultural use. In all cases, the Foundation guarantees on this land agricultural practices respectful of the environment in the very long term.

Assistance & Advice; Public participation; Fundraising
122 farms, investors

• Avoid speculation on the value of agricultural land and facilitating access to agricultural land • Protect the diversity of landscapes and natural resources • Making the transmission of farms possible through generations • Promote the creation of rural employment-generating activities • Encourage the development of organic, biodynamic and peasant agriculture

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.