HAWARU Hof-Solidarische Landwirtschaft

Environmental sustainability, Employment, Education

Hawaruhof, a bio-dynamic farm, is organized as a partnership between farmers and consumers. They share the risks, responsibilities, and rewards of farming. The farm could supply 35 consumers in this area with just 2 workers (the farmer and his wife). They cultivate 40 different kinds of vegetables and more than 100 species. The price for one harvest-share is fixed (different prices for singles, families, winter-share) but people can decide what kind of vegetables and how much they take out. The consumers receive vegetables once a week at two distribution points. The owner of the farm also uses an innovative ridge planting method (based on Julian Turiel). In this way he can grow vegetables even in very dry periods without additional irrigation and the resilience to weather extremes is higher overall. In addition, the method only needs a small tractor (with exchangeable accessories) which leads to lower investment costs. The farmer offers workshops on his farm so that other farmers can learn about this way of planting. Additionally, his wife gives seminars and workshops about principles of fermentation, nutrition etc. both on the Hawaruhof farm and in other locations.

Training / Teaching, Production of goods, Marketing & Promotion
30 consumers ("harvest-sharer")

Viability of the farm holding, securing of the jobs for the owners of the farm, more resilience because of crop diversity At the moment they farm 1,8 hectares of land in a bio-dynamic way, currently providing food for currently 30 consumers (called “harvest-sharers”).

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.