Team Karwendel

Environmental sustainability, Education

Volunteer platform of the association Karwendel for people willing to spend their free time in nature, in the mountains, and to actively engage in nature. Guests are asked to make a contribution to the preservation of the region and of nature itself. Volunteers can dedicate themselves to the pasture, alpine farming and habitat management, fence repairs or deal with the fight against neophytes. The manual activities offer a variety of everyday working life, but at the same time provide an understanding of agriculture and nature conservation, and an emotional relation to the cultural landscape.

Networking, Training / Teaching, Services delivery, Assistance & Advice, Project management, Sharing / Commons
Private partners, Sponsors, NGOs

The platform is effective and inexpensive. It binds people from cities in the conservation work on and takes a bridge between town and country. The work of the farmers and environmentalists can be actively experienced and internalized. People become aware of the beauty of the landscape, of the challenges to maintain a cultural landscape and have experiences in nature and a balance between city life and life in nature. Also common objectives and work is seen as a good experience. Also sponsors get more awareness about the value of the cultural landscape for their own activities.

* Information at the level of NUTS 3 or local regions.