Forest management as a key for integration and job creation in Madrona, Lleida


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The innovation action in Madrona (Lleida) aims at revitalizing the resources that this rural area has to offer. To do this, the Association of Madrona has the aim of enhancing the village’s cultural and natural landscapes, whilst engaging with the local community of the county. The overarching principles of the association are to foster human wellbeing, culture and environmental values and, in particular, to carry out an initiative that aims at improving the integration and inhabitation of socially disadvantaged groups through working in forests.

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About the area:

Madrona is a very small village formed by two inhabited houses, a cemetery and two churches, one of them in ruins, as well as the castle. The village of Madrona belongs to the municipality of Pinell del Solsonès, in the Solsonès County in Catalonia. The first reference to it dates back to the IX century, and its heritage and historic value, as well as its environmental one, is very high. The reduced population lives in country houses scattered around the municipality. The region is suffering from strong depopulation processes at least since the early XX, however in the Catalan Institute for Statistics (IDESCAT) there is only reference from 1986 onwards.

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